Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all your questions about IQ-AM and our courses 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all your questions about IQ-AM and our courses 

Our Courses

What is the difference between the Graduate Certificate and the Graduate Diploma?

IQ-AM’s post graduate courses are an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level 8.

The Graduate Certificate focuses on the tactical aspects of Asset Management.

The Graduate Diploma looks at the strategic levels in Asset Management. 

Are your courses Australian Nationally Recognised Training?

Our post graduate qualifications and units of competency are nationally accredited. All recognised training in Australia be found on

We do provide some non-accredited training for groups and individuals within organisations.

How long will the course take?

Post graduate course:

For full time study, a post graduate course can be completed in as little as 8 months. To achieve this time frame, an individual will need to show a high commitment to completing all the required outcomes.

Part time study, time taken to complete the course will be dependent on individual circumstances and commitment to meet the required outcomes.

Other training:

Delivery of single units of competency and non-accredited training are held in person over a 1 to 3 consecutive day workshop. Successful completion of a course at the end of a workshop is dependent on an individual having met all the outcome requirements of class participation and their recorded response to activities in the workbook.

Competency, what does this mean for completing my course

We deliver training and course outcomes based on a competency framework. Our courses are designed to reflect both your knowledge of asset management and your skill in applying it

Qualifications are made up of units of competency.

Recognition of Prior Learning

You can apply for an RPL on some or all of your assessment requirements. Evidence of your previous experience can be submitted if the outputs of that experience correspond to the outcomes required to achieve units of competency.


All nationally recognised training undertaken in Australia requires an individual to have a USI and provide this number to their RTO

To check if you have a USI, to create one or for more information about the USI please go to

Our Course Fees

Please contact our team to discuss your circumstance, so we can better provide you with a quote. While we have a set fee for each course, multiple students and return students may be eligible for a reduced rate.

Training delivered for ‘Not for Profit’ organisations are given a 40%, off the standard fee per person.

All accredited training is provided GST free. Please see our fees and refunds policy for more information.

If I am paying for the course myself?

Self-funded students are required to pay a deposit to secure their place on the course. Remaining fees are divided up into instalments and due for payment on the first day of each workshop or online session.

It is recommended that an individual check with their employer to see if they offer a refund on fees on successful completion of the course.

If my employer or organisation are paying?

Corporate funded individuals are required to make an upfront payment of the entire course fee.

Government funding

We do not offer government funded subsidies on our courses.

Online Training

What program is used to deliver online training?

We have selected to use GoToTraining to best support the online delivery and class interaction.

What are the system requirements for GoToTraining?

Attendees can access the GoToTraining programme via download to Windows or Mac, directly from a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) or Android or IOS operated devices.

For further information on specific system requirements or to download the programme please see GoToTraining system requirements here. 

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